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SPEAKING- Our Alpha Success Expert Team understands exceptional leadership is inspired. For this reason, our team is available to inspire early leaders for any occasion (i.e. College Graduations, Corporate Internship Inductions, Special Events, All-Hands Meetings, Etc.)


The Cornerstones of Leadership: How to Leave Your LegacyBusiness leaders need to spend concerted efforts to determine how they want to communicate their vision and demonstrate their leadership approach to the organization. Terry provides some specific lessons and tools to help leaders think about how to develop their own vision, how to embrace their personal leadership style, and how to build it. Through a customized approach, Terry will share proven strategies to build, challenge, and expand one’s approach to business leadership development.

•    TEN Essentials for Leadership Development
•    The FIVE Levers of Leadership
•    The Motivational Truths: What Leaders and Managers don’t know.
•    How to strengthen your STRENGTHS versus working on weaknesses
•    Leadership principles for empowering others

THE “ART OF WAR” THEORY - How to fight and WIN in times of Change.
Organizations succeed or fail based on their ability or inability to be innovative and adapt to a changing world. Terry trains leaders and teams to observe what others don’t see.  His interactive and engaging techniques inspire leaders and teams to adopt and incorporate”ART OF WAR” thinking resulting in optimal production and increased retention. Resistance to change is inevitable; sometimes powerful, sometimes weaker, but always present. Organizations can influence and strengthen behaviors and attitudes of others through effective leadership that originates from the inside out.

•    MOBILIZATION OF FORCES: Build an Effective Team based on Trust and a Common Goal
•    KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Developing a VISION and STRATEGY that wins
•    TAKE THE OFFENSIVE: Empowering employees to take VISION-FOCUSED action
•    ATTACK WHAT IS WEAK: How to REMOVE structural barriers
•    SHARPENING THE MIND: Leadership and Life-long Learning

Many leaders, managers, and teams suffer from belief system that distracts them from making meaningful strides toward becoming a world-class achiever and thinker. This destructive thinking process deals with an attitude of inferiority and lack of self-confidence to transition from being acceptable to EXCEPTIONAL.  Terry’s mental toughness training approach creates a laser-focused path for personal and professional development through the introspective process of mental toughness coaching. (EACH COACHING APPROACH IS CUSTOMIZED)

•    How to uncover weak belief systems that inhibit progression.
•    What prevents world-class thinking and action: Understanding the MASTER’S path.
•    How to transition from STUDENT to MASTER.
•    Action steps to maintain MASTER thinking and innovation.


TRAINING – Just as any great professional sports team needs a trainer and head coach, so do your new leaders and corporate sales teams. The Alpha Success Expert Team uses its winning 5 Step Philosophy to guide your leaders through a comprehensive training program known as the Success "Alpha-Bits." (i.e. Attitude, Leadership, Purpose, Honor, and Acumen)

CONSULTING- As your organization plans for growth, you’ll want to consider an in-house Leadership and Development strategy that continues to groom your leadership teams. With over 20 years of real- world knowledge and experience, the Alpha Success Team of experts are qualified to work with your Executive Boards on road-mapping, planning and designing amazing leadership programs that grow as your company grows.